Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pour your heart into that diary

Writing a diary or a journal is a good way to express your day or things that have been nagging you all day. Keep the journal to yourself. If you prefer, use your mobile or computer. But, there is something special about using pen and paper. At first you'll feel like a toddler with words running into each other. Think back when did you last write a letter by hand and post it. Try it. It's fun for you and the receiver. and it would go -

 Dear Friend(name)

This is a wonderful way to keep your expressions, your words clear and please no sms text.

Keep a regular diary and all you have to do is OBSERVE OBSERVE AND OBSERVE more. We are so much in a hurry - we literally do not have time to stop and stare...sad na! So do get in touch with yourself and others.

Communicate like never before. Note your feelings at the end of the day in your diary. It is a great stress buster. Often you will find things that made you mad at the beginning of the day do not have the bite at the end of the day once you put it all down. You also open up channels of creativity. So you have something to gain and lots to lose ...your inhibitions for one!

Tips to Diary writing
·         Observe everything – sights, smells, sounds, textures, and your reaction to it. You could start from your own home, people, objects - everything is a part of this exercise.

·         Notice how people seem to you! Note your observations. Describe them to your friends who do not know them. Ask them what kind of person this could be. Old, young, teenager, mother, salesgirl , friend, relative, a stranger in the bus.

·         Most important become aware of your actions , your expressions – here too, you could also ask others but be in the moment – if you are jogging, walking, writing - notice the typical gestures you have but don’t obsess. Look at it as an outsider! 

·         When you’re out, consciously notice others and their quirks or special behavior; the way they sit, in a bus, train, vehicle -  keep them in mind or note it . You could use your diary time or do it on the move on your mobile, laptop… 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What comes to mind when you see chocolates?

Here is a yummy Creative Prompt:

Free write for 5 minutes on this yummy word! Just write Chocolates and get  -set -go!

Set the timer for five minutes and stop as soon as it rings. Don't think of spellings, meanings and what and what not! Just go with the flow and write really fast to catch up with your thoughts. This is free your mind from judging before writing.

Once you're done keep it away. If you're in the mood start writing your poem, story, nonsense rhyme, or try other prompts. It keeps the creative cells spinning!

Just try it. Now.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fishy tales

  • Fish in bowl
  • Dog comes and licks the bowl
  • Fish runs off
  • Gets used to it
  • Then comes a cat
  • Dog growls
  • Cat retreats
  • Fish sleeps peacefully every night with the dog @guard
Wish i could animate:(


Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to write good copy

 If you want to be known as a good Copywriter who can turn the unique selling proposition of the ad into something that brings results for your client. We are in the business for this not for by-lines - for we get none nor expect any! Our high comes with our client’s satisfaction with our job and our career zooms on this premise. Of course, throw in a few awards and we are truly content!

Read tips on how to write good Copy

Monday, February 20, 2012

For better or verse try writing a Free-Verse

Writing Free-Verse Poetry

Free Verse is like free writing prose, it  flows as your mind does... 
·  Use descriptive words, metaphors, similies, all come in handy in writing Free-Verse
·  Get a vocabulary builder and try new words everyday
·  Describe the feeling, the emotion maybe instead of just saying ...he saw her, the storm came
·  Feel with all your senses when you express yourself

Free Verse Prompt: Sandstorm. After you finish, you can look at your poem with wonder!
Describe this using sound, smells, feelings..share with friends. Ask them to write one. Have fun...don't be competitive. Learn and enjoy the process of Free Verse Writing.

Get rhyming words in a jiffy Click here just in case you love to rhyme, though it is not a necessity in free writing - it still helps when you want to rhyme. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to start writing Dialogues

Creating your story characters come from observing real life and your imagination. Writing dialogues makes a story more interesting. This prompt write might lead to your writing your short story - fiction! Or you could just have fun! With a few questions you could create an interesting character and use them in a story. A short story for starters!

Creative prompt for Writing Dialogues

Look at the picture and write a dialogue going on in the minds of these women as they shop for groceries. Don't stick to regular things. 

Imagine their home and backgrounds and create a character sketch for both 
  • What's going on in their minds..? 
  • Where do they live? Who are their family members?
  • What do they do?
  • Where are they coming from? Are they home-makers or working women?
  • What would you find in their purses?
  • What would they buy depending on the role you have chosen?
  • What is going on in the minds of these women apart from shopping?
  • Now imagine that these women turned to each other. What would the dialogue be...?

Wasn't that fun!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Change the story's end

Read short stories…lots of them! Jeffrey Archer’s – ‘To cut a long story short’ has lovely stories but you could read anyone you like. Amazon has amazing bargains. Now with your understanding read it in a new light.

  • What is the conflict in the story? (the problem, the difficulty, the upheaval the main character is facing)
  • In which person is the story written?
  • How does the author express the conflict?
  • Is the solution good, would you have written it differently? 

Creative Prompt:
Take a short story and its conflict and change the solution.

The experience will give you the impetus to write your story with the right construction and flow it the way you want and which will be your reader’s delight.

Gifting Ideas

Still unsure about what to gift your Valentine. This is something you go through every occasion and then with the media throwing in a plethora of options – you’re nearly drowned in what? does she,? will he like this?
I have noticed that close ones often give you hints unknowingly and you have to catch the flow maybe a month or two before. The best gift is often one that is thoughtful and caring not more about the cost but more about the feelings behind them.
Especially with people with a strong emotional side  -- who are hurt with me-too gifts; so why not surprise her with a DVD of her fave songs – well that’s done! Then how about some wonderful custom made chocolate. Chocolates rarely go wrong and come in some absolutely lovely flavours. Mine are as simple as rum ‘n’ raisin, on the rocks with chunky bits of nuts yummee and there’s more white chocolate with a lacing of a spice...well- if you like there are sugar-free chocolates, too!
So did anyone say “diamonds are a girl’s best friends...” Well, they are! But, nothing like making it fire up with something different!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Warli t-shirt - simple and easy

Warli Paintings from India
Maharashtra, Thane is home to Warli where villagers decorate the walls entrance with this art. It depicts every arena of life – weddings, household work and aspects of life like farming etc.  Warli’ has taken new strides in the world and appreciated globally. Experimentation is becoming the key; the art form is simple to do. Basic shapes are the triangle back to back, which makes for the bottom and a circle for the head. The square parts of the design represent physical structures; like a home etc.

Warli looks stunning on any surface walls, fabric, earthenware, wooden surfaces – the sky is the limit – and today you can use the basic style and innovate with new ideas…  

On fabric – use fabric colors, either black or maroon or just let your imagination fly. Glossy colors with a little shimmer can dazzle any outfit. On paper, poster colors work fine. If choosing cloth, paper, wood choose a suitable frame for the design and you will find everyone enchanted by this simple but truly ethnic art. Warli also has imbibed from 'madhubani' painting, which is also an Indian art form.


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Herbal Indian Green tea -infuse freshness!

The herbal way to start the day!
All you need are fresh herbs, water, green tea and freshness is a drink away!

In a vessel, add 3-5 glasses water.

  • Add ¼ inch piece ginger
  • 2-4 peppercorns
  • ¼ inch piece cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp cumin, caraway/ carom/caraway seed (ajwain )
  • a clove, basil leaves (tulsi), a few drops lemon juice.

  • Let it boil into half the quantity of water added. 
  • Then add 1-3 basil leaves for a last boil. 
  • Put a spoon of green tea in a cup
  • Now pour the boiling water. 
  • Cover immediately
  • Infuse for 3 minutes. 
  • Strain into a cup.. 
  • Add lemon juice if you like.

Sip this brew warm. This is excellent as a morning freshen-up or anytime of the day - it is detoxifying, too! It works great on a cold, cough, stomach upset, too!
It helps digestion, and has a lot of anti-oxidants and huge health benefits!

Check the benefits of green tea and some great recipes for black tea, too!

Creative Free Writing - articles, advertising writing

The ability to write without fear comes with not letting the mind rule over the fear of writing. Creative Writing Sessions help in changing this. Free writing is one way to get over 'writer's block' even if you're starting out fresh as a writer.

Brainstorming is another method to get to the core or the USP of your topic/idea/concept. So go ahead try out these and give us your feedback..One cannot work in a vaccum. Don't let Feedback Block stop you! Check the creative prompts if you have the passion for advertising writing

I have met so many youngsters who have the talent but are so sure about how to commit their ideas in writing be it an article, your diary, just for fun or for advertising - with a complete ad - headline copy; understanding the USP, developing the theme then going full throttle on the type of headline, tagline, body copy, and creating SPEC Ads for the portfolio or Book - as it is called!

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Health-full Creamy oats ‘n’ apple pudding!

Oats is really healthy and all you need is add the things they love… like chocolate or cream; sprinkle chocolate powder and kids - they'll go 'mom it so yumm! It's really a pleasure to see them eating anything other than fast food-no benefit foods. Not that you have to just give them up or you sure might have a major protest - so take it in easy bites like a mom said - her kid screamed yumeee! I make it a complete breakfast with nuts, fruit and 'Ragi

Oats - A diet friendly breakfast

Ingredients: 4-6 tbsp Oats,
Grated apple,
A handful of dry fruits – almonds, raisins, walnuts and others you like
Cinnamon powdered
Sugar is not needed – it’s yummy as it is! (you feel like it, add some sugar).

Put the Oats to boil with water and milk.
Add the milk to make it more creamy and rich; you could use Soya milk if you like.
Once it is cooked, add the apple, dry-fruits, finally – the cinnamon powder.
Remove it in to serving bowls.
Garnish with diced almonds, apple slices, nuts, currants…could add other fruits if you like…but this is my favourite – apple’s so absolutely yum.

Serve hot or chilled!

Kids love this as long it is smothered with fruits, dry fruits and cream...Add sugar, pure honey or jaggery...

  • The almonds should be coarsely ground (it is a neat trick – just get the mixer started and off it and you will have coarse bits of almond
  • The walnuts – just break into tiny bits with your hand
  • Cinnamon brings out all the flavours with a subtle top note!

For weight loss
Oats has a whole lot of benefits for everyone.Check the benefits of Oats. It  keeps you full for a longer period of time, so you snack less and this is one 'magic cereal' that is good for those who want to shed off a few pounds! It helps in controlling your blood sugar levels, cholesterol.

 Diabetics can start with or end the day with oats. It keeps sugar level controlled and it does not fall too low.... As a diabetic, I eat oats - the recipe above is my favorite... I even add a little 'nachni' or 'powdered 'ragi' nicely cooked, add water till it glazes over

Add a little low fat -  butter/oil/ghee( just a bit) until it is really thick. Add it to the ‘ragi’ mixture and you have a double whammy breakfast!

Friday, February 3, 2012

24 carats - sweet dish for dieters

Gajar ka halwa for diabetics, weight conscious

Normally, you would avoid traditional #Gajar ka halwa# if you are dieting or a diabetic. All that ghee and sugar. No way! Try this simply yummy #Gajar ka Halwa#. Get all the health, all the taste.
You need about ¼ - ½ kg red Carrots.  Carrots have natural sugars and plenty of vitamins (even your family will love this healthy recipe)

·         1/4 litre Milk, preferably skimmed

·                  In a Kadhai (thick bottomed vessel) put in the grated carrots

·                  Let the water (of the simmering carrots) dry a little

·                  Pour in the milk

·                  Let the milk and carrots cook well

·         Add one spoon of ghee (You can avoid this, too, if you wish!)

·         Add dry fruits: a few almonds, kaju, 4-5 raisins( if you’re sugar is controlled)

I normally do not add ghee but add plenty of milk which makes it creamy and no raisins for me.

·         Stir the mixture till it is well-browned

·         Put a lid with water on it. This helps the gajar ka halwa brown well. the ghee that oozes out is an indicator - the gajar ka halwa is cooked

·         Stir in between just to get it evenly browned

·         The remaining water on the pan cover can also be added into the mixture, if needed.

·         Take-off the gas once the halwa is nicely brown and has a delicious flavour.

Try to avoid eating it while it is cooking (!). Now, serve in glass bowls (it looks good in it).
Eat this simply delicious #Gajar ka Halwa# with your family and friends.
You will find it vanishes in a jiffy with your friends, colleagues, when you’re away from home.

*Ghee and raisins should be avoided if sugar is high or if you are dieting. Get the goodness without the calories.

*Add sugar-free, only if you need it(check for the pros and cons of sucralose)