Friday, February 3, 2012

24 carats - sweet dish for dieters

Gajar ka halwa for diabetics, weight conscious

Normally, you would avoid traditional #Gajar ka halwa# if you are dieting or a diabetic. All that ghee and sugar. No way! Try this simply yummy #Gajar ka Halwa#. Get all the health, all the taste.
You need about ¼ - ½ kg red Carrots.  Carrots have natural sugars and plenty of vitamins (even your family will love this healthy recipe)

·         1/4 litre Milk, preferably skimmed

·                  In a Kadhai (thick bottomed vessel) put in the grated carrots

·                  Let the water (of the simmering carrots) dry a little

·                  Pour in the milk

·                  Let the milk and carrots cook well

·         Add one spoon of ghee (You can avoid this, too, if you wish!)

·         Add dry fruits: a few almonds, kaju, 4-5 raisins( if you’re sugar is controlled)

I normally do not add ghee but add plenty of milk which makes it creamy and no raisins for me.

·         Stir the mixture till it is well-browned

·         Put a lid with water on it. This helps the gajar ka halwa brown well. the ghee that oozes out is an indicator - the gajar ka halwa is cooked

·         Stir in between just to get it evenly browned

·         The remaining water on the pan cover can also be added into the mixture, if needed.

·         Take-off the gas once the halwa is nicely brown and has a delicious flavour.

Try to avoid eating it while it is cooking (!). Now, serve in glass bowls (it looks good in it).
Eat this simply delicious #Gajar ka Halwa# with your family and friends.
You will find it vanishes in a jiffy with your friends, colleagues, when you’re away from home.

*Ghee and raisins should be avoided if sugar is high or if you are dieting. Get the goodness without the calories.

*Add sugar-free, only if you need it(check for the pros and cons of sucralose)

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