Sunday, February 5, 2012

Warli t-shirt - simple and easy

Warli Paintings from India
Maharashtra, Thane is home to Warli where villagers decorate the walls entrance with this art. It depicts every arena of life – weddings, household work and aspects of life like farming etc.  Warli’ has taken new strides in the world and appreciated globally. Experimentation is becoming the key; the art form is simple to do. Basic shapes are the triangle back to back, which makes for the bottom and a circle for the head. The square parts of the design represent physical structures; like a home etc.

Warli looks stunning on any surface walls, fabric, earthenware, wooden surfaces – the sky is the limit – and today you can use the basic style and innovate with new ideas…  

On fabric – use fabric colors, either black or maroon or just let your imagination fly. Glossy colors with a little shimmer can dazzle any outfit. On paper, poster colors work fine. If choosing cloth, paper, wood choose a suitable frame for the design and you will find everyone enchanted by this simple but truly ethnic art. Warli also has imbibed from 'madhubani' painting, which is also an Indian art form.


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