Monday, February 13, 2012

Gifting Ideas

Still unsure about what to gift your Valentine. This is something you go through every occasion and then with the media throwing in a plethora of options – you’re nearly drowned in what? does she,? will he like this?
I have noticed that close ones often give you hints unknowingly and you have to catch the flow maybe a month or two before. The best gift is often one that is thoughtful and caring not more about the cost but more about the feelings behind them.
Especially with people with a strong emotional side  -- who are hurt with me-too gifts; so why not surprise her with a DVD of her fave songs – well that’s done! Then how about some wonderful custom made chocolate. Chocolates rarely go wrong and come in some absolutely lovely flavours. Mine are as simple as rum ‘n’ raisin, on the rocks with chunky bits of nuts yummee and there’s more white chocolate with a lacing of a spice...well- if you like there are sugar-free chocolates, too!
So did anyone say “diamonds are a girl’s best friends...” Well, they are! But, nothing like making it fire up with something different!

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