Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pour your heart into that diary

Writing a diary or a journal is a good way to express your day or things that have been nagging you all day. Keep the journal to yourself. If you prefer, use your mobile or computer. But, there is something special about using pen and paper. At first you'll feel like a toddler with words running into each other. Think back when did you last write a letter by hand and post it. Try it. It's fun for you and the receiver. and it would go -

 Dear Friend(name)

This is a wonderful way to keep your expressions, your words clear and please no sms text.

Keep a regular diary and all you have to do is OBSERVE OBSERVE AND OBSERVE more. We are so much in a hurry - we literally do not have time to stop and stare...sad na! So do get in touch with yourself and others.

Communicate like never before. Note your feelings at the end of the day in your diary. It is a great stress buster. Often you will find things that made you mad at the beginning of the day do not have the bite at the end of the day once you put it all down. You also open up channels of creativity. So you have something to gain and lots to lose ...your inhibitions for one!

Tips to Diary writing
·         Observe everything – sights, smells, sounds, textures, and your reaction to it. You could start from your own home, people, objects - everything is a part of this exercise.

·         Notice how people seem to you! Note your observations. Describe them to your friends who do not know them. Ask them what kind of person this could be. Old, young, teenager, mother, salesgirl , friend, relative, a stranger in the bus.

·         Most important become aware of your actions , your expressions – here too, you could also ask others but be in the moment – if you are jogging, walking, writing - notice the typical gestures you have but don’t obsess. Look at it as an outsider! 

·         When you’re out, consciously notice others and their quirks or special behavior; the way they sit, in a bus, train, vehicle -  keep them in mind or note it . You could use your diary time or do it on the move on your mobile, laptop… 

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