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Tips to keep your blood sugar in control

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Diabetes is the result of the body's inability to produce adequate insulin needed.Research has it that 1 in 5 people have type II diabetes. Moreover, the world’s largest Diabetics are Indians. A bad picture! Huh! Ever so often you hear people say they do not want any disease and least of all Diabetes. Unfortunately, they do not realize, it is not a hereditary disease, anymore! Today it has become a lifestyle disease. 

How does sugar affect your diabetes

Different types of sugars in food are found in a variety of carbohydrate-containing foods and can affect blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Foods that can increase your blood sugar levels include breads and grains, rice, pasta, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn and peas, legumes, fruits, juices, milk, candy, and other types of sweets and desserts. Find out why sugar is harmful to diabetics and actually to everyone. You don't have to go completely sugar - free but learn how to alter your diet to help you stay healthy through diet and exercise.

Obviously then there, are changes we have to make in our lifestyle.
Famous celebrity Paula Deen has announced that she has diabetes and her statement is that it is not a death sentence. she advices people to be practical about their diet. Read about Paula Sheen's advice the Cookery show diva which also tells us not to think all that chefs make on our television shows are things they really eat! As a diabetic you have to be careful and change your lifestyle to help you live a healthy life. Check the lifestyle of a diabetic for more info on the symptoms and answers a lot of questions on your mind.

When my aunt was diagnosed with diabetes, she went off all sugars even fruits and cut oil to a drastic minimum. And, she cut her social life and avoided the word. She stressed and cried... So I took the advice of the doctor when I had gestational diabetes I took the trouble to learn about Type II diabetes - a good place is the American Diabetics Association and the right way to take it in your stride so when a few years later when it turned to full-blown diabetes…I had a good diet plan. And, my aunt’s cool with the diet which helps you avoid other diseases, too.

There are certain things you must know and take care…

Reduce carbohydrates – add more protein there are good and bad carbs so you don't have to think what am I going to eat? Do you have to cut out all carbs. No not really

• Junk food is loaded with fats and sugars hidden sugars, so if you indulge then try to make up during the week by eating no rice, less oil or zero oil, and no sugars or ask for an ‘exchange diet plan’!

Fruits are not forbidden
• Enjoy fruits that are safe for diabetics .- those with lots of fibre- avoid some or eat in small portions

• Make healthy eating a daily habit for the family, so all are fit. Kids do eat outside junk and sweets so it is fine to avoid bringing them home.

• Low in fats and sugar need not be boring – in fact adding sprouts to a ‘bhel’ an Indian pot-pourri dish with coriander, mint chutney and puffed rice, (zero cal), onions chopped, sprouts, coriander, Indian sev; pour the chutneys over coriander or mint and tomatoes.

• Try salads and veggies in a sandwich or with 'paneer' (cottage cheese), tomatoes sliced, onion sliced and iceberg lettuce, sliced potato - one slice, oregano, and chutney is so yummy.

Walk daily without fail at least for 20 minutes to half an hour minimum. Younger people can try other exercises but nothing like focused walking without mobiles and the paraphernalia that women, especially carry. If you have to shop for veggies or anything, carry a light shoulder bag so your hands are free to walk with a ‘March Walk’ as I call it!
• Learn a few basic exercises and follow the rules depending on your insulin level, age and health. Take your doctor's advice. Focus on the right exercise that suits you.Yoga is extremely efficient in balancing blood sugar levels.

Tai-chi  is alsogentle and calming. In fact, exercise is good depending on your age, and condition. Exercise that is a strain to your joints and bones - so don’t just start doing heavy exercise without your doctor’s advice. Diabetics can do all the activities they need a little awareness of their body signals.

• Keep a blood sugar meter but do not go on testing randomly more than necessary!

• Do your lab tests regularly at a reputed centre even if they charge more!

• Do not miss meals carry sugar-free biscuit’ for emergencies and a small tiffin with one meal; a fruit, a sandwich, or rotis (wholewheat bread) stuffed with veggies and paneer… (try various stuffing’s and recipes)…

Make mixed veg pattice and enjoy without deep frying. First steam the vegetables and mix with chick pea flour, ragi (nachni), and steam with the veggies. Then shallow fry.

• Add Oats to your diet, fruits, dry fruits and cinnamon sprinkled on top and you are ready to start the day.

• When eating out, eat a little from home - so even if it’s delayed, you don’t get hunger pangs which makes you end up eating more!

• Choose food with care at social outings or restaurants.

• Check the salads too; some have a lot of mayonnaise and you could eat more of that sometimes they are loaded with sugar...

• Olive oil is good in a salad with an orange, corn, tomatoes, onions if you like scraped garlic and lettuce, with pepper and no salt you could use a small pinch of ‘sendha namak’ or rock salt .

• Tea without sugar is the first step to reduce sugar. Green is excellent.

• It is a matter of adjustment and of course,even  if you are dieting to lose weight these tips work well. Plus, you have the benefit of avoiding diabetes.

• Stress is the No.1 enemy! Be practical. Pray. Meditate. Think Positive.

• One can lead a normal life and with everyone on the ‘stay healthy’ bandwagon you won’t stand apart…

• Say I am on a diet until you can say I am Diabetic.

Do not accept sympathy and don’t be hyper about it! It is good if people know when you are travelling out alone, do have the 'I am a Diabetic' badge, so, they know what to do. But, I have found most people are not aware of the symptoms of hypoglycaemia or hyperglycemia. 

They either give you sugar which rebounds later; juice is a better option, carry a fruit in you picnic box, don’t be worried - it’s better to be prepared. I have seen diabetics who travel without any problems. Precautions are in your hand and enjoying a social life is your right.

So go the world that you are going to live longer than they think and live with dignity. Help others and be a person to admire and follow!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Relax in your personal space

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Your special corner

Create a special nook or corner;one that could be anywhere just a table, your window garden, anywhere you spend a lot of time and feel relaxed. All you need is a bowl filled with water, tumbled colourful stones, flower petals and floating, fragrant candles with your favourite things or hobby materials here.

Light the candles and relax. 
Make some time for yourself. Sit at this corner and gather your thoughts for a while. Light some aroma candles to suit your mood maybe lavender, sandalwood, apple-cinnamaon, orange; light incense sticks or add  a reed aroma kit if you like.
Read, paint, or meditate... here
Or just daydream! Make it a special, warm place. Hmmm  isn't the thought itself relaxing!