Sunday, February 5, 2012

Health-full Creamy oats ‘n’ apple pudding!

Oats is really healthy and all you need is add the things they love… like chocolate or cream; sprinkle chocolate powder and kids - they'll go 'mom it so yumm! It's really a pleasure to see them eating anything other than fast food-no benefit foods. Not that you have to just give them up or you sure might have a major protest - so take it in easy bites like a mom said - her kid screamed yumeee! I make it a complete breakfast with nuts, fruit and 'Ragi

Oats - A diet friendly breakfast

Ingredients: 4-6 tbsp Oats,
Grated apple,
A handful of dry fruits – almonds, raisins, walnuts and others you like
Cinnamon powdered
Sugar is not needed – it’s yummy as it is! (you feel like it, add some sugar).

Put the Oats to boil with water and milk.
Add the milk to make it more creamy and rich; you could use Soya milk if you like.
Once it is cooked, add the apple, dry-fruits, finally – the cinnamon powder.
Remove it in to serving bowls.
Garnish with diced almonds, apple slices, nuts, currants…could add other fruits if you like…but this is my favourite – apple’s so absolutely yum.

Serve hot or chilled!

Kids love this as long it is smothered with fruits, dry fruits and cream...Add sugar, pure honey or jaggery...

  • The almonds should be coarsely ground (it is a neat trick – just get the mixer started and off it and you will have coarse bits of almond
  • The walnuts – just break into tiny bits with your hand
  • Cinnamon brings out all the flavours with a subtle top note!

For weight loss
Oats has a whole lot of benefits for everyone.Check the benefits of Oats. It  keeps you full for a longer period of time, so you snack less and this is one 'magic cereal' that is good for those who want to shed off a few pounds! It helps in controlling your blood sugar levels, cholesterol.

 Diabetics can start with or end the day with oats. It keeps sugar level controlled and it does not fall too low.... As a diabetic, I eat oats - the recipe above is my favorite... I even add a little 'nachni' or 'powdered 'ragi' nicely cooked, add water till it glazes over

Add a little low fat -  butter/oil/ghee( just a bit) until it is really thick. Add it to the ‘ragi’ mixture and you have a double whammy breakfast!

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