Friday, April 4, 2014

Object Writing - the new buzzword for creatve writing!

Why not try object writing to open a whole new world of creative possibilities. As people have said the journaling style with a prompt gives huge reward once you get into the groove of this Pat Pattison’s object writing method to open you creative soul.

So say for example if today’s prompt is ‘Bluetooth’ - give yourself 10 minutes of nonstop writing – no stops; not for spellings, no error check, no typo check - just follow your thoughts, don’t question them and take the route they want to go, It’s a bit tough in the beginning but easy as can be once you let your experiences and thoughts flow from the prompt to a inner being that gives you those nuggets that you won’t when be aware when you are writing. 

Choose your prompt
Go ahead; choose your object, for an early morning warm up (preferably) or a break time refresh. Choose the first word in a book, dictionary, TV, newspaper heading, hoardings, from snippets of conversation, online prompts (check and then GO - without thinking about the topic or mulling about it. Let it just flow!

Read this from for generating ideas for songs, the sense bound or object writing through the senses technique is something i am truly inspired by "...anywhere you go is okay. Try bouncing off of each sense-image to wherever else it might take you, using each new sense-image as a sort of pivot to the next, a kind of sensual free association. Always with your senses, all seven of them. All within ten minutes. Don’t worry about story lines or “how it really happened.” No rhyme or rhythm. Not even full sentences. No one needs to understand where you are or how you got there. Save more focused writing for your songs.

Of course, instead of association, you certainly can stay within the framework of a story or event if you like, like “Back Porch” above, but let your senses drive the bus. As you remember the events, remember with your senses. How did the park smell? Were children giggling over by the duck pond? Italian sausages with steaming onions? Let us experience it too by engaging our senses; stimulate us to see, smell, taste, hear, etc., to really experience the story for ourselves.
Even more important, your listeners will each fill your sense-bound words with their own sense memories..."

Polish the gems!

Once you’ve finished with the writing, then you proof it - underline the ideas, change, edit, add, whatever to get the gems out of what you've written. You could find it giving you concepts for ads or a story, a poem, a song -  it could turn into anything – just probe it later not when you’re writing.

Object writing is developed by Pat Pattison the famous lyricist and poet and also a Professor of song writing at Berkelee. He has taken this craft to another level to open up creativity in every field. He also teaches at the Berkelee’s online Song writing course!

You could join and complete the courses you join or leave it anytime and enroll for another one. The songwriting course opened to me new ideas and method of writing  I have paused the course for a while and i do not know if i will rejoin at least until I learn a little of Western Music. I have come a long way from just knowing what chords are to actually playing a few basic ones. I feel empowered with all the online learning art journaling, drawing, writing which have enriched me. These are my mentors, guides, and I would say search and you will find! 

But, we are digressing – a habit I absorbed from my journaling practice with a timer set for ten minutes or even five or just glimpsing at the clock!! This helps me in my work, for sure, to get things out of my system instead of letting them steam inside. So, it is therapeutic for sure! I feel anything is possible after all I did write a story for kids ages 5-7. I think is the most difficult age to write for. My next one might be non-fiction with a few short stories on the anvil.

So go ahead and try Pat Pattison’s Object Writing method and unleash your creativity. I hope to get my hands on 'Writing Better Lyrics' by Pat Pattison to hone my creative writing.

Visit for prompts posted there (they're brilliant - the ones i have loved reading and I keep discovering new ones. Read the prompt 'youngster' here.

  • You do not have to stick to the prompt - digress all you want - here it is a plus and a bonus! 
  • The five senses apart let you inner feelings when you say butterflies in my stomach, tight knots. Play & have FUN!
  • Use your perspective or kinesthetic sense vis a vis the world around you (like you felt when you spun around or were in a gut spinning ride or something as mundane as brushing, combing!
  • The essence is to get into a mode of opening up your creative senses!

PS  Did i mention use all seven senses as Pat Pattison says in his video. Yeah I'm getting there!
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Check the next post for the prompt 'Salmon' and Champagne a take – off from the prompt salmon, birthday. After I write the prompt I polish it a bit to craft it into flash fiction or short story. Sometimes I just underline key phrases, words for future use. It takes time to get into the ‘senses’ groove as you can read from example: Back Porch

Back Porch

I must have been four. Memories from that time are a rare species—lobbing in like huge bumblebees on transparent wings, buzzing old Remington shavers torn free from those thick and brittle wires tangled in webs under our porch where I loved to crawl and hide; black snaking wires disappearing up through floors and humming into wall and socket. I still hear them.
I hid under the back porch, smell of damp summer earth cool under my hands, ducking, scrunching my shoulders tight to avoid the rusty nails waiting patiently above for my back or skull to forget them. The tingling along my back and neck kept reminding me, don’t stand up.Under the back porch, a place tinged with danger and smelling of earth, the air tastes faintly of mold and hollyhocks twining around the trellises that I see only the bottoms of, speckled gold by the shafts of sun slipping through high elm branches in the backyard, weaving shadows like Grandma’s lace dresser doilies. When I squint, I can blur the sunlight into a bridge of green-gold. Crouching there fetal and content, I could feel Mom above me, could hear her high heels tap-tapping.

"As I drove up the incline of the bridge I began to feel ball bearings running about in my stomach. I always get a little nervous being so high, it's like being on top of a skyscraper. You feel yourself swaying in the breeze and get that sense that you could almost fall over the edge. There's also that fear that the whole bridge could just drop away, like a plane dropping in turbulence". There! That was that a bit more engaging than "I drove over the bridge" wasn't it!