Sunday, February 5, 2012

Creative Free Writing - articles, advertising writing

The ability to write without fear comes with not letting the mind rule over the fear of writing. Creative Writing Sessions help in changing this. Free writing is one way to get over 'writer's block' even if you're starting out fresh as a writer.

Brainstorming is another method to get to the core or the USP of your topic/idea/concept. So go ahead try out these and give us your feedback..One cannot work in a vaccum. Don't let Feedback Block stop you! Check the creative prompts if you have the passion for advertising writing

I have met so many youngsters who have the talent but are so sure about how to commit their ideas in writing be it an article, your diary, just for fun or for advertising - with a complete ad - headline copy; understanding the USP, developing the theme then going full throttle on the type of headline, tagline, body copy, and creating SPEC Ads for the portfolio or Book - as it is called!

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