Saturday, March 1, 2014

My First Kid's Fiction - Dinoz Wears a Tux

Check it out on Kindle here and on Smashwords here. It is also available of flipkart for a 25% discount. Kids of age group 5 -7 onwards will love it and so will the eternal kid in you. The Book is priced at 0.99 dollars.

Dinoz Wears A Tux is a simple, fun tale about a Nysasaurus - Dinoz, who is born to an Ostrich in a classic exchange of eggs!! Here at the Den, as the forest officer, Peter, tells us, the guys and gals live the fun life - skating whenever they can. Hurdles come - like the bully, Alex the bear; the older ostrich clan, who do not accept Dinoz, how will he deal with this? Dinoz meets Dolphie, the dolphin and has a hoot of a time! 

Will the ostrich clan ever accept him? And, what about Alex the spoilsport bear! The icing on the tale is the underwater party thrown by his ‘bestest’ friend, Dolphie and yes, Dinoz wears a tuxedo, where everyone has a whale of a time!!

The book is inspired by a tuxedo to be worn for a wedding by the youngest one in our family - all of 1 year+ for his uncle's wedding. His aunt living in the US of A dispatched the tuxedo. This one is dedicated to him. And my daughter,, who inspired me to go ahead and write my story! 

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