Monday, February 20, 2012

For better or verse try writing a Free-Verse

Writing Free-Verse Poetry

Free Verse is like free writing prose, it  flows as your mind does... 
·  Use descriptive words, metaphors, similies, all come in handy in writing Free-Verse
·  Get a vocabulary builder and try new words everyday
·  Describe the feeling, the emotion maybe instead of just saying ...he saw her, the storm came
·  Feel with all your senses when you express yourself

Free Verse Prompt: Sandstorm. After you finish, you can look at your poem with wonder!
Describe this using sound, smells, feelings..share with friends. Ask them to write one. Have fun...don't be competitive. Learn and enjoy the process of Free Verse Writing.

Get rhyming words in a jiffy Click here just in case you love to rhyme, though it is not a necessity in free writing - it still helps when you want to rhyme. 

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