Thursday, January 12, 2012

Simple Steps to create a Sparkling, Beautiful HOME,

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Festivals are near and loads of cleaning to be done. Sometimes you just do not know where to start. You dream of sparkling clean home and guests going ‘wow’. Then you say ‘OMG where do I start!

Start with one room
Curtains, window, doors…!
Take off the curtains to dry clean or machine wash, Put on old curtains…then out comes the vacuum; remove cobwebs, dust that couldn't be seen during your weekly/monthly dust-over…Once that’s done - take a break! Have a cuppa and you’re one-step closer…so move to the next dust buster job - windows!! 

Wash them clean and wipe with old newspapers. Don’t spray heavy solvents -they have formaldehyde that cause breathing problems. A glass wiper and liquid soap is all you need to wipe them.

If there are dirty crevices, in the sliding grooves, then wipe them off with a cloth. Stubborn ones will take some time with a toothbrush or makeshift materials –cotton, paper anything handy. Your vacuum’s tiniest brush should work fine, if they are able to reach those areas.

Now, you have the curtains off; the cobwebs off; and the windows clean - so go for the doors! Hope your better half and kids are sharing -its great fun, maybe a little messy but you gain quality time! Moreover, jokes and laughter make work faster to complete.

Rugs, carpets; hand wash; or delicate wash them, without spin… the bed sheets and festive furnishings bring them on. Sun them iron and keep ready...

Don’t cringe - every once in a while; clothes just have a habit of messing up. So - out with all of them!Keep the hangers and place the ironed ones neatly.. Arrange your clothes in order of use- daily wear, night wear, office and party wear - give a shelf to each and stick to it…of course we know it’s going to change when its rush time, but, if kept in strict order and everybody follows the rules then its smooth sailing!

Then it’s the FURNITURE!
Wooden, Steel furniture, kitchen modular units, and all the artifacts wash them clean sun them until bone dry. Take care of the delicate articles. Vacuum clean everything else. Am sure you have the paint job done. If it is just one area, which is jarring, you could go for wallpapers or if you want a focal point get those textured walls – DIY or call the paint guys – they have a 24 hour service! See that it goes with theme of your home or of the room…

Things feel better already!
It is D-day and all you have to do is regular dusting. Then spray on some aroma (sandalwood, lavender. cinnamon, apple, orange, jasmine, are wonderful. Choose one that you like – light the candles, diyas in the evening(earthen lamps), fresh flowers, decorations…and get ready to welcome festive times that enchant everyone –and makes you feel- oh so proud and happy!

Do let us know your favourite cleaning and decorating tips! Wish you Happy Festivities for you and your near and dear ones. Enjoy! Have Fun!

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