Thursday, January 12, 2012

Create a room within a room. Space saving ideas

Create room within a room! Get More space with  Dividers or screens. Separate areas without space eating walls… you could use them wherever you need a little privacy or want to demarcate an area.

 Screens divide spaces, give you privacy or it could be a design element in your décor to create that ‘special corner’, where you transport to a world of your own. Put some plants, candles, books, music, incense and getaway for a while… 

  • Lightweight Materials: 

Separating an area might be as simple as using a curtain of beads. Beads as a divider are also an exciting choice to segregate an area. Available in various colors and materials - wood, crystal, plastic… they are perfect for the passage area creating a visual perspective of space beyond the divides.

  • Folding screens: 

Folding screens are a great option. Rosewood is still popular for that old world charm. Just fold it and keep it in a corner when not needed. It is practical, as it looks good even when folded.

  • Cane Dividers
A cane divider is another ethnic option and in great demand. A cane element could add that cozy look to your room. There are many styles available.

  •  Double-Sided Divider
A super idea would be to take the divider and make it a storage space, too. Standing on wheels you could take it from one room to another easily. Just see it does not get too unwieldy and big. Books on one side and other knick-knacks could be the side that a visitor sees. . 

  • Green Dividers: 

Plants on a wooden or metal platform with wheels could serve as a refreshing divider. Choose plants of various sizes and creating a free-flow element with colors and the right indoor plants. You could also choose artificial silk plants, which need no upkeep like watering everyday. Clean the leaves when they get dusty or give them a wash occasionally.

Maintenance of Dividers:

A wooden divider can be kept looking brand new with a slightly wet cloth and a little oil, add a drop or two of any aroma oil like sandalwood, lavender …A wafting of this fragrance with the circulation of air is refreshing.. Wash the cane divider with water and liquid soap and kept in the sun once a year. Let it be bone dry or it will sag. Divide and Rule Decide what your ‘divide’ or ‘screen’ requirement is and create a design element that cannot be the same because it depends on your creativity and how you use it. 

So make your choice to separate various areas the living/dining bedroom/study any room in your home. Take a look at the choice of dividersand ideas for there is not time to stand and stare… cane dividers look ethnic and transforms an area 

Source: Valsa pics

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