Sunday, March 18, 2012

bade achche lagte hain - Sizzle or fizzle

After the famous or infamous bedroom scene in Bade Achche lagte hain - the late night Indian Serial -things haven't been the same, since. It's the talk of the town so to speak...dunno why!! It seems more of a 'have i sinned' kind of feel – the scene prolonged for the whole episode seemed a little overdone.

Nevertheless things are going to get steamier if the trp's are to speak. What do you feel? Are you comfortable with these scenes in the drawing room with family members gathering to watch the till now ‘innocent’ serial. People loved the serial for its fresh perspective on older couple marriage - guy is 40 and girl uhmm lady is in her 30's. – a new for Indian television replete with serial of saas - bahu and love spurned -  similar story lines with the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law going hammer tongs or one ruling over the other in the most ridiculous manner.

A few like Sasural Gendha Phool, Parvarrish, were changing their formats and it was a breath of fresh air and so is BALH riding the popularity graph with a different story lines. Even the latest Kya hua tera vaada caught up when the other woman came into the picture. Think we should wait and watch.

With the scene in BALH  do you think Indian television has grown up with the 'consummation scene' in Bade Achche lagte hain and other serials. Do post your views.

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